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MyDirectory is an online directory of Malaysia small and medium-sized businesses, that help communities thrive by facilitating connections between consumers who want to find products and services locally and the merchants who provide them.

Also, MyDirectory is a fun place as you can find some great deals in town, great events to attend, or share with others what's your great (or not so great) experiences.

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Consumers like to hear what other people think of a business before using it, and they like to spread the word about their own experiences. Businesses have always relied on this kind of word-of-mouth to get new customers, the only difference today is that it happens online.

Ratings and reviews allow consumers to give businesses feedback, letting them know if they like what they’re doing and giving businesses a chance to respond with a comment.

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Yes. Click the FLAG icon found under every review and comment. Read more at our review guidelines on next section.

We’d love to hear from you if you find we’re missing a business. However, due to the privacy, we only allow the business owner to list their business here at the moment. But you can choose to suggest a business here and we will get in touch with them.

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